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July, 1997 eshtablished In
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We are a premium web development & digital marketing company based in Pittsburgh, we have over 20 years experience. Unlike most design firms we focus our skills on defining & finding your ideal customer and integrating that unique special sauce into your custom project.

Do you want your website to be an asset to your business or liability? Selecting the wrong digital agency to assist your business will greatly determine the outcome as an asset or liability. I strongly suggest you speak with us before spending any money on your next web project.

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Gary Coles

CEO & founder of ArtHaven International

The main reason I started web design was to build a vehicle to promote my own artwork. Over the years, I started helping other artists and included them in the art promotional vehicles I created. The most successful vehicle was "Gallery of the Round" art magazine which was a multi-media art magazine. The magazine was listed among 3 International Art Fairs: Art Basel Miami Beach, Art Basel, CIGE Beijing.

Besides artists I shared my skills with small business owners and helped them with lead generation and overall marketing for their businesses. In order to better the marketplace we are only focusing our skills on 3 main markets.

We are are currently focusing our attention on 3 verticals: (1) Artists & Galleries, (2) Events: Openings, Art Happenings, Music Shows, (3) Ecommerce Apps

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