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Crowdfunding for Startups

We are your Crowdfunding Campaign Management company.  We are here to help your startup business raise up to $250,000.  Crowdfunding has many moving parts that must be solved all at the same time in order for a campaign to be successful.  We are here to keep you focused on your business while we focus on tha campaign and communication with your investors & supporters.

Fill out our form and get more details about this unqiue funding opportunity for startups.  

Why Choose Us

We handle the minosha of crowdfunding campaigns and
marketing & communication so you don't have to!


Honest and Dependable

We only work with a handful of clients each month to ensure success of your campaign.  We only succeed when your campaign succeeds.


We Are Always Improving

We are always looking for new channels to reach investors & supporters and potential backers to donate to your campaign.


We Are Passionate

We started this business to fight against all of the online fraudsters & scammers who try to destroy the success of entrepreneurs because scammers are weak-ass bitches that lack creative integrity to make things happen for themselves.  

Very few individuals take care of startup businesses.  That is why I started this service for my fellow entrpreneurs & startups.  Venture Capital firms only fund 1.7% of startups so your odds of getting funded by them are not in your favor!  Work with someone that will actually fight besides with you.

Gary Leigh Coles


Man of many hats!


Marketing Guarantee

We offer 100% return of your marketing budget at the end of your campaign.  All you need to do is pay the monthly payments of $1500 during the campaign so we have the money to build and market your crowdfunding campaign.  All revenue paid into the campaign is returned to you at the end of the campaign.  We can also make arrangements to use incoming campaign revenue to fuel the campaign after it started.  All you need to do is make the first payment to launch your campaign.

$4500 $4500

Qualification Process

We only select the best candidates a handful of clients so we can give 100% of our team to ensure the best outcome for each client.  We seek out the best campaign clients.  

Next Step Staging

Once we determine you and your business is a good fit for our service.  We share the minosha of how our strategy will outperform any other campaign and get you results.

Campaign Launch

Each campaign is 100 days which is plenty of time to market in various channels to get the optimized reach.  Daily content changes and updates during the campaign are vital.